Why Use Us!

We have vast amount of experience in teeth manufacture, for multiple shades of colours. We are the Main mould supplier for WHW Plastics, A leading dental Supplier of Dental Products and Equipments. We can supply rectangular or Circular moulds and the design of equipments and production facilties for your teeth production.

Offering clients a high quality service

HSM (High Speed Machining) - Technology...
We offer high speed machining service to our customers. The service is based upon CADCAM technology that is continually updated to reflect the ever changing advancements in this field. The technology enables the machining of a wide range of materials including hardened tool steel .

Scanning Services...

We offer scanning services to our customers for existing products such as;
  • Design modifications to these products.
  • Surface repair jobs to worn products.
  • Reverse Engineering of your products.
  • Surface Texturing or characterisation to your products.
  • Product engraving from your artistic data.
  • We can also assist in design packaging, casings or accessories for the product.
  • Precision machining of hand made products.

Case Studies

  • Sjögren Syndrome ; Protective Eyewear  Feasibilty Study for Producing Protective Eyewear for Patients with Symptons of Sjögren's Syndrome SJÖGREN’S syndrome is a chronic disease in which white blood cells attack moisture-producing glands ...
    Posted Jul 26, 2010, 12:33 PM by Eji Agbasi
  • MEDICAL DEVICES IN MEDICAL GRADE PLASTICS Surgical Trays and containers INTERLAB is currently performing trials on a number of medical device projects. Of primary interest is the use of machine-able medical grade plastics and titanium ...
    Posted Jul 22, 2010, 6:21 AM by Eji Agbasi
  • Teeth Mould Manufacture   We have developed a rock solid process for mass producing replacement prosthetic teeth for use as dentures for dental Laboratories. We normally produce teeth moulds in stainless steel at 50HRC ...
    Posted Jul 21, 2010, 5:40 AM by Eji Agbasi
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